PTFE - Wonder Polymer

A golden era has started in the world of materials science with the invention of Fluoro polymer – Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (PTFE) on 6th April 1938 by Mr. Roy J Pluncket, a scientist of Du Pont Nemours U.S.A. later branded & patented as TEFLON (a registered trademark of DuPont De Nemours, U.S.A) PTFE with its versatile characteristics like wide temperature withstanding capacity From -2000 to +2600 C, chemically inert, excellent dielectric properties, low water absorption, lowest co– efficient of friction, resistance to ultra violets rays, low smoke emission non adhesive, non –ageing etc. has wide industrial applications in chemicals, petrochemicals, bio-medical, electrical, electronic, mechanical, aeronautical, environmental, defence & space engineering applications. PTFE is available in a number of forms: rod, tube, sheet, plate, tape, thin wall tubing, electrical sleeving, spiral wrapping or custom mouldings. By a special process, PTFE sheets & tape can be given an sodium etched surface suitable for adhesive bonding. PTFE Filled Grades Improved materials properties can be achieved by the addition of selected fillers. These Fillers extend performance characteristics & allow for wider application – particularly in demanding thermal stability & load support situation. In addition, the friction & thermal properties of PTFE remain generally unaffected.