About Us
We at Chirag Techno, offer products sealed with our commitment and dedication founded in 1984 in Mumbai. We provide a wide variety of engineering plastics supplied in different designs, sizes & shapes such as PTFE®, Nylon, Cast Nylon, Delrin®, UHMW-PE, P.P. PEEK® etc. We have developed a unique range of products which are tailored to suit numerous applications. We supply products meeting the most severe quality standards that are used by various sectors of Indian & foreign industry for different application at invincible costs.

Applications :
Our products are widely used within the field of chemical, Petro-chemicals, Engineering, Electronics, Food & Brewages, Medical, Construction, Power, Textiles, Paper & Pulp industry, Dairy & Bottling plants and other industries.

Our Mission :
We are committed to providing quality products to customers, as well as offering a range of value added services including technical services and timely response to our customers.

Our focus :
Our focus is to continuously provide new and improved products that perform in extreme working conditions and result in savings for all our clients.