Railways: Pedestal Liner, Bush, pinion, wear pad
Paper mills: Dryers Gears, Liner, Bush, Pulleys, Rollers
Sugar Mills: Mill bush, liner, Wear plates, pulley, wear pads
Cement Plants: Ropeway pulley, Uncoupling wheel, bush
Textile Ind.: Bevel Gears, Bearings, Bushes
Tyre Ind,: Guides, Bush, Gear, Bead Separator
Steel Plants: Slipper pads, Bearings, Gear, Insert
Chemical Plants: Wear pads, Scrapper
Automobiles: Wear pads, Rings, Brush, Washers
Bottling Plants: Star wheel, Guides, Sprockets

Polyacetal is used in many static and dynamic industrial applications replacing materials like; steelbrass, bronze, copper and aluminum. Polyacetal have improved part life because of; better wearmore chemical and corrosion resistance. These materials reduce factory noise and will reduce oreliminate the need for lubricants.


Specific Gravity D792 1.41
P.S.I. Tensile Strength D638 8800
% Elongation D638 40.75
P.S.I. Comprehensive Strength D695 16000 (10% defl.)
Impact Strength(1/2x1/2 in. notched) D256 1.0-1.5 (1/2x1/2inbar)
Hardness Rockwell D785 M78-M80
105 P.S.I. 730 F Flexural Modules D790 3.75
Coefficient of friction - 0.18
-104 cal sec cm3 C cm Thermal conductivity D177 5.5
Thermal expansion 105per 0C D696 8.5
Resistance to heat0C (Continuous) - 80oC to 120oC
Ω - cm (230C50%) Volume resistivity D257 10 x 1014
1/8 in thickness volts mil Dielectric strength D149 500 (90 Mil)
1 KHz Dielectric constant D150 3.7
1 KHz Dissipation (power) factor D150 0.0010 (40mil)  
24/j3.2 mm % water absorption 24hr. 3.2 thickness, % D150 0.22 
in mm Burning rate D570 1.0 - 1.1 
Effect of weak acids D635 Resistant to some 
Effect of weak acids D543 Attacked 
Effect of weak alkalies D543 Attacked 
Effect of strong alkalies D543 Attacked 
Effect of organic solvents D543 Excellent resistance to practically all solvents.